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Every business is unique and requires different support at different stages in the growth cycle. With this in mind, we design our relationships with customers from the ground up to be flexible. We’ll work with you to deeply integrate our team with yours or you can choose from our available services on an à la carte basis. You choose the solution that’s best for your company.

Primary Development Services

Business Analysis

Business analysis allows us to distill the essence of what,s truly important. To outline in the simplest terms, what problem it is we are trying to solve or what opportunity we aim to capture. Qualitative and quantitative research combined with creative vision lies at the heart of this process.

Application Planning

Armed with insights gleaned from analysis, we leverage our expertise to outline the best path forward for our customers. Time is allocated to identifying objectives, defining project scope, sourcing the most suitable technology and tools, framing in timelines and identifying necessary resources.

Application Development

All projects are broken in to small manageable pieces of functionality. We develop in small teams and engage on a daily basis with our customers. Feedback is gathered and reviewed on an ongoing basis and adjustments are made as needed. Industry leading tools further enhances our ability to deliver projects on time and on budget.

Additional Services

Audits and Rescue Services

There’s nothing worse than a software project that’s lost it’s way. Bloated budgets, blown timelines, poor communication and no sense of what state a project is in can be frustrating and overwhelming. Our team can help. We’ll step in, assess your project and recommend how to resolve issues or propose the best way to reduce losses.

Developer Recruiting

There are real benefits to leveraging an in-house Developer. That said, the hiring process can be daunting for non-technical managers and owners. Our team can find and evaluate prospective Developers and provide a short list for an interview process. Once hired, we can assist with integrating new employees into existing application workflows.

CTO for Hire

Do you require the skills of a competent CTO but lack the resources to retain that individual on a full time basis? Hiring a CTO on an as needed basis can be a very affordable way to access the skills, knowledge and credibility required to launch or further your project. Contracts range from single day to longer term engagements.